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Archiv der Moderne

Modernismus in Grafik, Kunst und Architektur.
Kuratiert von Sandro Weber

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Maeve Design is a cross disciplinary graphic- and interior design practice in Zurich, founded in 2015 by Sandro Weber. Combining modern minimalism with aesthetic longevity, Maeve Design offers stylistic competence in graphic design, branding, digital design as well as bathroom interiors, interior architecture and product design.
Sandro Weber
Design + Art Direction

Heusbergstrasse 29
CH-8614 Sulzbach / Zürich

+41 79 649 26 11


Selected features:
Visual Journal / Art Direction / Graphic Design
Minimalissimo / Art Direction / Model
Fonts In Use / Art Direction / Graphic Design
PRINT Magazine / Art Direction / Graphic Design
Esntial Design / Art Direction / Graphic Design
Site Inspire / Art Direction / Digital Design
Klikkenthéke / Art Direction / Digital Design
Swissgraphic / Art Direction / Graphic Design

Soirée Noire by Maeve / Art Direction / Graphic Design
Maison Maeve Edition Shop / Art Direction / Publication