Soirée Noire N°1
With Soirée Noire i've started a new series of sounds that follow me through late night work in a state of inner peace after getting through tiredness. The first playlist relates to my passion for dusty and repetitive vibes, letting me sink deep into a state of concentration, locked out from space and time. From some of the brighter tracks from Andy Stott to soft dreamscapes of Rainer Veil, this playlist represents some of my most heard tracks during night work.

The photography on the artworks is provided by Giangiacomo Pepe, a Genova based photographer who inspired me with his work for many years. I'm proud and thankful to be able to use those expressive and sensual pictures, all shot on film.
Release date: October 2020
Photography: Giangiacomo Pepe
Graphics: Sandro Weber
Maeve Design is a cross disciplinary graphic- and interior design practice in Zurich, founded in 2015 by Sandro Weber. Combining modern minimalism with aesthetic longevity, Maeve Design offers stylistic competence in graphic design, branding, digital design as well as bathroom interiors, interior architecture and product design.
Sandro Weber
Design + Art Direction

Heusbergstrasse 29
CH-8614 Sulzbach / Zürich

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